Another someone is sitting next to me.
Twitchingly eating he seems to be a special fake.
I wish I knew which direction the rails will take.

Other some ones are passing by.
Stirred by an invisible twitching hand.
I wish I knew how long this trip will take.

Monotonous brainfall is snowing down on me.
Forcing me to shed my desire upon their chests.
Slowly and pain free their souls will freeze.
Melting away through my giddiness.

A face behind the reflection in my train pane, with a too thin moon that‘s shining through - I slip away backwards.
I will turn fast to slow, I will turn up to down, I will turn nervous to calm and turn their twitches into frenzy. 
     And start my journey of undecidedness.

On the ticking of my heart-bomb I ride into a hidden condition of existence.
Rails turn into rivers, on which glassy human beings let me foresee the stories behind them.
Their bodies float on drifting glass bubbles.
I could turn their heads and fluffy brains would find their way out.

©Isa Wiss_April 22_2003