Marco Agovino and Isa Wiss met the first time in March 2003.
Shortly after, a creative teamwork emerged "dashes" and their first cd blades of grass, is the captivating result.

- musicians biographies -

Marco Agovino: bands (co-musicians) and cds:

Don Pfäfflis Tonus ("Symbol", "Suun", "Gen")
Mich Gerber ("Amor Fati", "Remix-Mare", "The Endless String")
Werner Haslers Manufactur ("Manufactur # 1")
Mouthwatering Menues ("Home Delivery")_Sidemen
Toaster Combilation ("Toasted Swiss Lounge Slice")_Signor Rossi
Herdsmen and Swine ("Herdsmen and Swine")
Moë ("Reflections")
Patric Lerjen Three Base Hit
Hot DC (Shoppers)
Hans Koch
Bruno Spörri
Oli Kuster
Jan Brönnimann
Asita Hamidi
Grand Mother's Funck

Isa Wiss: bands (co-musicians) and cds:

SchnoZgroup ("Chadafö")
The World Is Your Oyster Go For The Pearl!
XI Flöhe
Sha's Banryu
Luca Sisera
Schlafes Schwestern
Don Li

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